Total Services Aruba

| Our Mission

We provide the market with the highest standards of products & services by empowering commitment to quality.

| Our Vision​

Maintain the market leadership by being the first in innovation, committed to quality, and warranting our client relationships. 

| Our Values

Total Customer Trust

Customer loyalty is the key to our success and we accomplish this by:

  • Delivering innovative and competitive products and services
  • Being customer focus
  • Improving customer relationships
  • Carrying out our activities in a safe and ethical manner
  • Strengthening our communication with our customers

Total Work Environment

We strive to create a healthy work environment for our employees by:

  • Respecting and trusting each other
  • Being cooperative with each other
  • Working as a team
  • Being supportive to our fellow workers
  • Recognizing and rewarding accomplishments

Total Community Responsibility

We support our community by:

  • Being an asset to our community
  • Sharing our knowledge and resources with others in need
  • Conducting our operation in a responsible manner with regards to local laws, environmental protection, and safety.

Total Quality Management

We strive to analyze our business by continuously improving our performance by:

  • Continuously learning, developing, and improving our operation
  • Involving our employees in finding a better way to do their daily jobs

Total Shareholder Commitment

We are committed to providing value to our shareholders by:

  • Achieving our goals towards our mission
  • Providing superior financial results

Our History


Total Services Aruba began a new era of service excellence.

Total Services Aruba embarked on its journey, opening its doors to the world of service excellence. Starting as a dedicated cleaning operation, the company's commitment to delivering top-notch quality quickly propelled its growth. With time, Total Services expanded its horizons, diversifying its range of services to cater to a broader spectrum of needs.


Total Services Aruba boldly stepped into the world of small construction and renovation services.

On March 12, 1991, Total Services Aruba embarked on an exciting new chapter in its history. This pivotal date marked the expansion of our services into the field of small construction and renovation work. With dedication and precision, we ventured into this new territory, further enriching our commitment to meeting diverse client needs and ensuring quality service.


Total Services Aruba expanded its expertise by launching Total CleanFix.

On July 10th, 1996, a new milestone was etched into Total Services Aruba's history. On this date, we proudly introduced Total CleanFix, an extension of our services specializing in septic and plumbing solutions. This expansion marked our commitment to holistic customer care, offering comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.


Total Services Aruba marked a year of growth and adventure to Curaçao.

Total Services Aruba embarked on an exciting expansion journey by extending its cleaning operations to Curaçao. This strategic move marked a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering quality services beyond borders, enriching our legacy of excellence in the industry.


Total Services Aruba revolutionized indoor environments with the introduction of Pure Indoor Air Quality.

Total Services Aruba expanded its commitment to improving lives by introducing Pure Indoor Air Quality. This specialized division was established to provide comprehensive indoor air quality solutions, including the testing and remediation of indoor bacteria, such as mold and fungus. Pure is the only certified company by Indoor Air Quality Association in Aruba.


Total Services Aruba launch Total Quality Products, setting a new standard for top-tier cleaning products and solutions.

In the dynamic year of 2004, Total Services Aruba introduced Total Quality Products. Committed to providing top-tier cleaning products, we catered not only to our valued clients but also supported our cleaning operations. With dedication and innovation, Total Quality Products soon emerged as a market leader in cleaning solutions, solidifying our position as the go-to source for quality and innovation in the industry.


Total Services Aruba extended its cleaning operations to Bonaire.

Total Services Aruba extended its reach by expanding its renowned cleaning operations to the island of Bonaire. This strategic move displayed our commitment to providing exceptional cleaning services beyond borders, further enriching our legacy of excellence in the industry. Total Services is still operating today.


Total Services Aruba expanded its expertise into the dynamic world of the blasting industry.

Total Services Aruba embarked on an innovative journey by diversifying into the blasting industry. Our focus extended to surface preparation and specialized treatments, paving the way for a series of industrial projects, including underwater tank restoration and bridge rehabilitation, among others. Notably, we invested in the eco-friendly GRACO system, recognized as an environmentally responsible choice within the blasting industry. This expansion showcased our dedication to excellence and environmental consciousness in delivering top-tier blasting solutions.


Total Services Aruba began producing and recycling HDPE 2 materials, leading the way for environmental responsibility.

Total Services Aruba took a bold step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility by initiating the production and recycling of HDPE 2 materials. This innovative endeavor was led by our subsidiary, Total Quality Products, which commenced recycling processes at its factory in Barcadera. We also made a significant investment in an industrial plant, geared towards grinding HDPE 2 materials, thereby creating a sustainable cycle of reusability and reducing the need for continuous imports, all while prioritizing responsible waste disposal practices.

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