Total Services caters its services to the hospitality industry, providing specialized solutions for hotels and Airbnb accommodations. Our services enhance guest experiences, optimize operations, and ensure exceptional facility management, allowing hospitality businesses to deliver superior service and achieve customer satisfaction. Our services include facility maintenance, landscaping services, equipment maintenance services, plumbing services, preventative maintenance services, and unforeseen emergency maintenance on a 24/7 basis.

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Food and Beverage

Total Services Aruba specializes in providing a wide range of solutions and services to the food and beverage industry, serving the unique needs of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other culinary establishments. We deliver tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We understand that a clean restaurant is the key to any chef’s success. Total Services is part of the International Exhaust Kitchen Cleaning Association.

Government Buildings

A clean government building projects a positive image of Aruba. Total Services Aruba specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for government buildings. Our services cater to the unique needs of governmental facilities, including facility management, security systems, and infrastructure solutions, ensuring efficient operations and optimal functionality for government organizations. We understand the importance of a reliable and trustworthy facility maintenance service.

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Supermarkets and Retail

Total Services Aruba offers tailored solutions for supermarkets and retail establishments. Our comprehensive services encompass facility management, security systems, and infrastructure solutions, optimizing operations and enhancing the shopping experience for customers in the dynamic supermarket and retail industry. Our service level agreement programs entails a weekly on-site supervisor, digital site visits, and feedback programs to ensure a clean facility and a happy client.

Health Care

A clean healthcare environment creates a more comfortable and safe environment for the patients and employees. Total Services Aruba provides specialized solutions for the healthcare industry, delivering comprehensive services that enhance facility management, optimize operations, and ensure the highest standards of care. Our accredited cleaning processes support healthcare providers in delivering efficient and exceptional services to patients and staff.


Preserve your equipment and property with our cleaning services and solutions. For decades we have served the industrial sector, providing comprehensive solutions and services for industrial plants. Total Services have solutions and services to tackle any difficult jobs that may occur when operating an industrial plant (such as: blasting services, landscaping, high window cleaning, building cleaning, pressure washing, after construction cleaning, car detailing, and more). Our services encompass facility management, maintenance, and infrastructure solutions, ensuring optimal operational efficiency, compliance, and safety for industrial facilities, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.


A clean showroom projects a positive image of the business. Our services include facility management, layout optimization, and technology integration, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for customers visiting showrooms of various industries. Having a clean showroom, is the first impression that a company can make to its clients. Total Services is there to accompany you to be at your best.


A clean school building provides a better learning environment for students. Quality services that Total Services Aruba offers include, facility management, technology integration, and safety solutions, enabling educational organizations to create conducive learning environments and deliver quality education to students and faculty.